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Flexicurity: An EU Project Hitting Our Shores

Michael Debono, CEO of People Solutions Ltd, has recently published an article on The Executive, discussing the issue of Flexicurity. This phenomena is not only real within the EU, but is moving closer to our shores everyday.

You can read and download the article from the link below.

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Updating of Website

Dear Jobseeker,

Firstly we would like to thank you for using our services. Presently, we at People Solutions are updating our jobseeker database in order to make the procedure less time consuming and therefore benefitting you with a more efficient and user friendly service.

For this reason we kindly ask you to login to your account on www.peoplesolutions.com.mt and update your information. We also urge you to attach your CV and if you prefer your photo, to your account as this makes the recruitment process far more efficient.

Kindly note that those accounts that are not updated will, after a one month period, be no longer considered in the recruitment process.

We look forward to receiving your updates and we also welcome any constructive feedback you may have so as to improve the service for you. If you have any queries in this regard or face difficulties in updating your information kindly send an email addressed to the Website Administrator on info@peoplesolutions.com.mt or otherwise call us on +356 21806613.

New Foreign Partners

People Solutions Limited – a leading recruitment and temping agency in Malta has in the last few months embarked on a strategy of developing a network of international partners with a view of servicing the main economic sectors, such as, construction, tourism, service, ICT, and online gaming, for staff required in various roles comprising managerial, administrative, technical, skilled and unskilled staff.

People Solutions Limited is proud to announce that Silan 98 from Bulgaria has joined this network. Silan 98 was founded in 2006 as a recruitment company, however has been operating as a social insurance bureau and real estate company since 1998. Although the company caters for the demands in various professions, the most highly demand jobs in Bulgaria are those in the fields of tourism, agriculture, IT and construction. Silan 98 offer highly motivated, responsible and successful candidates, which complements the services already offered by People Solutions Limited.

People Solutions Limited aims to provide staff not only from the EU but also from outside the European continent, from countries such as India and China. With this in mind, People Solutions Limited have also concluded a partnership agreement with Leo Marshell Agency. Leo Marshell is an eminent, innovative and professional licensed business house in Chennai India committed to providing complete Human Resources Solutions to leading sectors across the World with the implacable speed of change in technology and trends. Leo Marshell helps in fulfilling the job needs of employees as well as staff requirements of employers in any perceivable technical field through its highly qualified and experienced team of Consultants.

People Solutions Limited offers services in both the temping and recruitment spheres. Peoples Solution Limited is inspired by the motto “The Gold in Every Fish”, which symbolizes that every person might not be aware of having certain skills, and for this they aim to be in a position to professionally fulfill their potential. On the other hand the company is keen on giving the highest level of professional service possible to its clients to fulfill their employment needs.

Mr. Michael Debono, CEO of People Solutions Limited is looking forward to the opportunities brought about with these new partnerships and is satisfied with the portfolio of services and standards of recruitment offered by both Silan 98 and Leo Marshell Agency.

Those interested in the services provided by People Solutions Limited and its partner organizations can find more information on the website www.peoplesolutions.com.mt or contact them directly on 21806613 or info@peoplesolutions.com.mt

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